A Year of Lear

A Year of Lear with the International Shakespeare center Santa Fe

Please join us!

Please join us as we celebrate an entire year of Shakespeare’s profound tragedy, King Lear, culminating in a rich performance by local actors who have spent a year immersed in the play. From September 2017 through September 2018, you can enjoy such explorations as:

Krishnan Venkatesh discussion • September 6 2017 on Good and Evil in King Lear

Theatre Walk Santa Fe • September 16
A scene with Paul Walsky as Lear and Lynn Goodwin as Goneril

Lear at the Pub Quiz Night

Shakespeare Close Readers:
a six-month close read of King Lear, starting February 2018

King Lear Downtown Treasure Hunt

Robert Benedetti all-day seminar: A Lifetime of Lear

Richelle Munkhoff, professor at UC Boulder
on Love and Charity in King Lear

Natalie Elliot, tutor at St. John’s, workshop
on Shakespeare and the Poetics of Science in King Lear

Upstart Crows King Lear workshop and scenes show

Special restaurant themed evenings with food
from King Lear’s time, 800 BCE

The Dresser and Drinks:
film showing of Albert Finney and Tom Courtenay version, plus WW2 bar drinks and discussion

Actor workshops on performing in King Lear
from the Stratford Shakespeare Festival

An evening with James Shapiro,
award-winning professor at Columbia University and author of 1606: William Shakespeare and the Year of Lear

Literal Performance production of original stories of King Leir as told in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History and Holinshed’s Chronicles

Staged reading of King Leir, a comedy, an Elizabethan play registered in 1594, before Shakespeare’s King Lear

Lynn Robson, tutor at Oxford University, awarded “Most Acclaimed Lecturer in the Humanities,” presents a seminar that juxtaposes King Lear and As You Like It

September 2018 Performance
The Tragedy of King Lear