A Year of Lear with the International Shakespeare center Santa Fe

Please join us!

Please join us as we celebrate an entire year of Shakespeare’s profound tragedy, King Lear, culminating in a rich performance by local actors who have spent a year immersed in the play. From September 2017 through September 2018, you can enjoy such explorations as:

Krishnan Venkatesh discussion • September 6 2017 on Good and Evil in King Lear

Theatre Walk Santa Fe • September 16 • between 3 and 6 p.m.
A scene with Paul Walsky as Lear and Lynn Goodwin as Goneril

Robert Benedetti all-day seminar: A Life with Lear
November 4 • 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. • $35

Lear at the Pub Quiz Night

Shakespeare Close Readers:
A six-month close read and discussion of King Lear that begins February 2018 • open to the public • Sunday mornings • 11 to 1 p.m.

February 3 2018 • Lear for the Young: Upstart Crows holds its introduction to “Speak What We Feel,” a King Lear workshop for budding Shakespeareans ages 10 to 18.

February 6 2018 • Natalie Elliot, tutor at St. John’s, workshop
on “The Winter’s Tale, or the Alternate King Lear

February 2018 • King Lear Downtown Treasure Hunt

March 6 2018 • Richelle Munkhoff, professor at UC Boulder
on “Love and Charity in King Lear”

April 3 2018 • Jocelyn Davis, author of The Greats on Leadership, with a talk on “Lear, Sears, and the 8 Leadership Traps”

Upstart Crows King Lear workshop and scenes show

Special restaurant themed evenings with food
from King Lear’s time, 800 BCE

May 1 2018 • Krishnan Venkatesh, tutor at St. John’s on performance interpretations of King Lear, viewing and discussing various film versions of Act 1, scene 1.

Late May 2018 • An evening with James Shapiro, award-winning professor at Columbia University and author of 1606: William Shakespeare and the Year of Lear

Late May 2018 • James Shapiro will also give a separate talk on his upcoming book, Shakespeare in America.

The Dresser and Drinks: film showing of Albert Finney and Tom Courtenay version of The Dresser, plus WW2 bar drinks and discussion

Acting workshops with professionals from the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario: free Lear workshop for actors cast in the play; additional acting workshops for the public

July 2018 • Literal Performance production of original stories of King Leir as told in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History and Holinshed’s Chronicles • we will learn the sources of Shakespeare’s play and see how Shakespeare changed the story—and ask why?

August 2018 • Staged reading of King Leir (a comedy in that no one dies), an Elizabethan play registered in 1594, before Shakespeare’s King Lear • we will see how a contemporary of Shakespeare’s staged the same story

September 2018 • Lynn Robson, tutor at Oxford University, awarded “Most Acclaimed Lecturer in the Humanities,” presents a seminar that juxtaposes King Lear and As You Like It

September 2018 Performance
The Tragedy of King Lear