A Year of Lear with the International Shakespeare center Santa Fe

We hope you were able to participate in some of our Year of Lear activities between September 2017 and September 2018 that culminated in a rich performance by local actors who spent a year immersed in the play. Stay tuned for our next major program!

These are some of the events we created:

Krishnan Venkatesh discussion • September 6 2017 on Good and Evil in King Lear

Theatre Walk Santa Fe • September 16 • between 3 and 6 p.m.
A scene with Paul Walsky as Lear and Lynn Goodwin as Goneril

Robert Benedetti all-day seminar: A Life with Lear
November 4 • 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. • $35

Midwinter Celebrations in King Lear’s Court
with Suzanne Cross, specialist chef

Stratford Shakespeare Festival Acting Workshops
with Edward Daranyi, Associate Director of Education
For local actors (free workshop for cast of ISC King Lear)
December 9 - 12

Shakespeare Close Readers:
A six-month close read and discussion of King Lear that begins February 2018 • open to the public • Sunday mornings • 11 to 1 p.m.

February 3 2018 • Lear for the Young: Upstart Crows holds its introduction to “Speak What We Feel,” a King Lear workshop for budding Shakespeareans ages 10 to 18

February, all month, 2018 • King Lear Downtown Treasure Hunt

February 6 2018 • Natalie Elliot, tutor at St. John’s, workshop
on “The Winter’s Tale, or the Alternate King Lear

March 6 2018 • Jim Kaplan, on “The Greatness of King Lear,” a celebration of Shakespeare’s greatest play.

April 29 2018 • Krishnan Venkatesh, tutor at St. John’s
“King Lear in Performance,” viewing and discussing various film versions of Act 1, scene 1

April 3 2018 • Jocelyn Davis, author of The Greats on Leadership, with a talk on “Lear, Sears, and the 8 Leadership Traps”

April 28 & 29 2018 • Upstart Crows King Lear workshop and scenes show at Adobe Rose Theatre

May 24 2018 • An evening with James Shapiro, award-winning professor at Columbia University and author of 1606: William Shakespeare and the Year of Lear. This event is at the New Mexico History Museum auditorium.

May 25 2018 • There will also be an intimate event and discussion with James Shapiro at a private home where he will talk about Shakespeare in America.

Acting workshops with professionals from the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario: free Lear workshop for actors cast in the play; additional acting workshops for the public. Ongoing.

September 1 2018 • Long Dead but Well Read: King Leir (a comedy, in that no one dies), an Elizabethan play registered in 1594, before Shakespeare’s King Lear • we will see how a contemporary of Shakespeare’s staged the same story

September 29 2018 • Lynn Robson, tutor at Oxford University, awarded “Most Acclaimed Lecturer in the Humanities,” presents a fascinating seminar that juxtaposes King Lear and As You Like It

September 2018 performance • Adobe Rose Theatre
The Tragedy of King Lear