PAST: Robert Benedetti: A Life with Lear

Saturday, November 4, 2017
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
St John’s United Methodist Church, Garden Room
1200 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe
$35 fee, which includes a copy of the play

Robert Benedetti, Artistic Director of the New Mexico Actors Lab, writes, “LEAR is my life play. It was the first play I ever directed. I was at the time the Artistic Director of the University of Chicago Court Theatre; it was 1958 and I had Elder Olson and David Bevington as my dramaturgs. I played Lear once, and I’ve directed it three times since (roughly once every twenty years), and am ready to do it again when the opportunity presents itself. I am certain it is the greatest play in the English language.”

Dr. Benedetti describes the seminar: “This is an all-day seminar in a comfortable setting. We will spend some time reviewing my lifetime with LEAR and going through a close reading of the play, with actors to read scenes as they arise. The focus will be on the play itself, plus the experiences of doing it at different cultural times (1958, 1965, 1975) and how the play lived at those times and places and with different casts. But most of the seminar is about how the play works internally.

For Benedetti's extensive and distinguished career in theatre, please see his web site:

Suitable for audience members, readers, actors, directors—anyone with an interest in this most remarkable of plays, the play that Stanley Wells claims is “one of the monuments of Western civilization.”

Limited to 25 participants.
Please bring your own lunch.