We are very proud that Tom Leech of the historic Palace Press designed and hand-printed this amazing poster for the ISC! You'll see it in the shop windows of the participating vendors.

International Shakespeare Center Santa Fe • King Lear Treasure Hunt

How to do the Treasure Hunt!

Are you in Santa Fe? Stop by the Tourism Welcome Center on the Plaza (66 E. San Francisco Street) and pick up your map and booty bag any day in February 2018.

Instructions are on the map: Read the clue and the quotation from King Lear. From those, determine which shop in downtown Santa Fe you are led to (there is a list to choose from). On the map, find that shop. 

Enter the shop and speak the quotation from King Lear—you will be rewarded with a treasure from that shop to put in your booty bag!

Each person must pick up her or his own bag in person; that is, you cannot grab a pile of bags for your group. And each person much speak the line aloud to claim their treasure! 

Have fun!