The ISC repertory actors: The Company

 ISC The Company repertory

The International Shakespeare Center unveils its 2019 repertory cast and productions.

Questions of Honor

The 2019 theme is Questions of Honor, with performances of two of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, each one exploring what honor means and its importance to different people: Part One of King Henry the Fourth and Measure for Measure.

Part One of King Henry the Fourth: The reign of King Henry the Fourth (who usurped Richard the Second) is threatened by disgruntled noblemen who feel he is treating them unfairly. The King’s son, Prince Hal (who will eventually become Henry the Fifth), cavorts in taverns with low-class thieves and drunkards, including one of theater’s most enduring and memorable characters, Falstaff. Will he rise to his role as the future king?

Measure for Measure: A young nun must choose between forced sex with the cruel and hypocritical Angelo or the execution of her beloved brother. Issues of honor, mercy, justice, and much hypocrisy and pretense are explored.

As with with ISC Year of Lear in 2018, the plays will be supported by a year of related activities: talks, films, reading groups, and workshops that focus on the theme. 

The Company Actors

The Company includes most of the King Lear cast that spent 2018 together in readings, rehearsals, workshops, and performances: Miles Blitch, Mairi Chanel, Lynn Goodwin, Glenna Hill, Ariana Karp, Marc Lynch, Marty Madden, Dylan Marshall, Liam Mitchell, Geoffrey Pomeroy, Alex Reid, Noah Segard, Clara West, and Paul Walsky. Breshaun Joyner, Kelly Kiernan, Zoe Burke, and Ali Olhausen will join the cast this year.

1 King Henry 4 will be directed by Ariana Karp. 
Measure for Measure will be directed by Caryl Farkas.

Performances will be at the Adobe Rose Theatre from August 22 through September 8, with shows on Thursdays through Sundays.