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ISC’s mission in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The International Shakespeare Center (ISC) is dedicated to making Santa Fe a destination for world-class Shakespeare. We support performances, provide education for people of all ages, and create opportunities for people to meet in community to read and discuss Shakespeare.

The ISC believes Santa Fe is able to sustain a permanent state-of-the-art Shakespeare center that includes a theater with an Elizabethan thrust stage, a black box theater, gift shop, lecture hall, community rooms, administrative offices, court yard, commons area, and even a tavern—a center that will draw not only our vibrant Shakespeare community in town, but tourists and theatrical artists from all over the world. It will also act as a focal point to elevate local talent and a training center to create a professional repertory company.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is a small, out-of-the-way town in southern Oregon with a population of 20,000, yet now sells close to 400,000 tickets a year and has a full-time staff of 750. Other small towns such as Cedar City, Utah, and Stratford, Ontario, show how theater, including Shakespeare theater, can not only survive but illuminate everything else a town has to offer.

Santa Fe begins with advantages that none of the other Shakespeare centers could claim: an active arts culture, a thriving visitor population, and a city known as a destination point for world-class visual and performing arts. We can make Santa Fe a dynamic destination for Shakespeare.